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Transnational Consulting

South Africa is not only the most developed economy in Africa, but also the gateway to Southern Africa and the rest of the continent. Most foreign companies are represented there. We advise businesses planning to set up a permanent presence in Africa our advice is to start in South Africa.

Why South Africa?

The country offers you:

  • The best infrastructure in Africa –
    comparable to most of the developed world
  • A stable and growing economy
  • Skilled personnel
  • A well established communication sector
  • A well functioning transport network
  • A highly developed banking system
  • No jetlag for Europeans and parallel working hours
  • Sunshine all year long
  • Exceptional natural beauty

What we guarantee

  • A friendly and unbureaucratic working relationship
  • The delivery of solutions tailored to your needs
  • Willingness to go the extra mile
  • Availability on a 24 hour basis


Stuurman Consulting

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