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Visa and Immigration

We assist you with all types of visa and permit applications.

Types of Visa and Permit

Do you want to ...

  • ... visit South Africa and need a Visa?
  • ... travel to Southern Africa (Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland or Zimbabwe) via South Africa and need a Transit Visa?
  • ... visit South Africa to do voluntary work and need a Visa?
  • ... visit South Africa for business purposes and need a Visa or Business Permit?
  • ... participate in a school exchange programme and need a Study Permit?
  • ... study at a South African university and need a Study Permit?
  • ... do an internship or a practical in a South African company, hospital or lawyers office and need a Visa or Permit? (students and vocational trainees)
  • ... do research in South Africa and need a Visa?
  • ... work as an Au Pair in South Africa and need an Exchange Work Permit?
  • ... learn the English language at a language school in South Africa and need a Visa or Permit?
  • ... visit South Africa for medical treatment and need a Medical Permit?
  • ... visit South Africa as a foreigner married to a South African citizen and need a Relatives Permit?
  • ... retire in South Africa as a German pensioner and need a Retired Persons Permit?

How can we assist?

  • We handle all your documentation, e.g. translation of all documents.
  • We organize and facilitate all subsequent matters pertaining to your individual requests.
  • We locate companies whose profiles fit your requirements.
  • We bring you into contact with the business sectors of your choice.
  • We identify sectors appropriate to your choice of investment.
  • We intervene on your behalf with the relevant South African authorities, be they in Germany or South Africa.
  • We take care of your relocation to South Africa. This includes accomodation, kindergarten and school for your children in an area of your choice or recommended by us.
  • We attend to all your visa/permit requests.

How to proceed...

Contact us and inform us about what you need.
We will advise you if you are not sure about the type of visa/permit to apply for. 
Please inform us if your activity has not been included in the different visas or permits offered.

Stuurman Consulting

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