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Work in South Africa

South Africa offers a variety of job opportunities for a variety of professionally educated and specifically skilled persons. If you are looking for a job, we can link you up with the relevant companies.

If you want to work in South Africa, you will need one of the following permits. In addition to the quota work permit applications which are regulated by government (click here for more information - PDF file), there are four other types of work permits available.
Are you working for a German company with a subsidiary in South Africa? Do you need a change in your career whilst still working for your company? If yes, then you need:

  • An intra-company transfer work permit.

If you are interested in South Africa and want to connect your visit with working there, you have the option of applying for:

  • A general work permit,
  • An exceptional skills work permit – for extra professionally qualified persons or
  • A corporate work permit – for those who want to work for South African companies who are in possession of corporate permits/certificates.

The process

Without the help of consultants, applying for a work permit can usually be a lengthy, tedious and frustrating process. The entire paperwork includes:

  • Translations of your qualifications by a certified translator,
  • The evaluation of your qualifications by the South African Qualification Authorities (SAQA),
  • The application of a German police clearance certificate,
  • If you are over the age of 18 years and have stayed in a foreign country for longer than a year, a police clearance certificate of that country will also have to be submitted.

How can we assist?

  • We handle all your documentation, e.g. translation of all documents.
  • We organize and facilitate all subsequent matters pertaining to your individual requests.
  • We locate companies whose profiles fit your requirements.
  • We bring you into contact with the business sectors of your choice.
  • We identify sectors appropriate to your choice of investment.
  • We intervene on your behalf with the relevant South African authorities, be they in Germany or South Africa.
  • We take care of your relocation to South Africa. This includes accomodation, kindergarten and school for your children in an area of your choice or recommended by us.
  • We attend to all your visa/permit requests.

How to proceed...

Contact us for your first consultation. In this first meeting you will be provided with important information on the process to be followed in dealing with your enquiry.
Once this has been established, we will be available to you on a 24-hour basis as the process unfolds.

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